Another Animated Wonder Woman Film?
Oct 27, 2013 • Category: news & rumours0 Comments

I really enjoyed the 2009 Wonder Woman film, so I do hope this comes to fruition!

While a live-action Wonder Woman movie seems to be a ways off, there’s still hope for Diana Prince’s animated counterpart, who may soon get a followup, of sorts, to her 2009 animated feature from Warner Bros. Animation. The catch? That movie may not include “Wonder Woman” in the title — this according to James Tucker, the supervising producer of Warner Bros’ DC animated features.

“We’ll probably do a Wonder Woman-centered Justice League movie,” Tucker told ToonZone while promoting the release of Justice League: War. “We’ll use the Justice League as an umbrella to focus on characters who might not be able to support DVDs of their own. That’s not my judgment, that’s based on sales.”

Source: IGN

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